Introducing… our new source of cooking inspiration: Kptn Gabi!

Gabi loves cracking open a good cookbook in the evening.
She is an educational cook at the Scandinavian kindergarten next door to us, where she is involved in “modular cooking” – a cooking method developed by her and her crew to get kids excited about cooking and eating whole foods, and to reduce food waste along the way.
Her idea is to help the mini-Kptns not only learn about different foods and dishes, but also to explore and hone their own taste for food.
For example, they learn that the same veggie can taste completely different when it’s prepared or seasoned differently.
For this, Gabi even took an advanced course on “cooking for kids” with Sarah Wiener, and now she cooks with children, for children!
When she plans her meals for the week in advance, she always ensures that the food she uses is organic, regional, and seasonal.
She also makes it a point to use up foods that are no longer as fresh or are crooked and unshapely and thus don’t fit the norm. So instead of throwing this produce away, Gabi prefers to conjure up something delicious out of it!
And these tasty, family-friendly dishes are now available not only in the kindergarten, but also in our app – for big and small Kptns alike!

With this link you get all recipes from Kptn Gabi in your KptnCook app: