Summer salad to go please!

Hated as a small child, loved deeply by now: Salad! In the warmest months of the year, we are craving for light & fresh food. Which doesn’t automatically mean, we have to skip carbs completely. Couscous-, Rice-, oder Potato Salad are our favorites anyway! Pimped with crisp veggies, cheese, nuts, meat & fish or flowers from our front garden, it’s always served quickly. Mhmmm…that’s how we love it! On top of that, salad is the perfect companion for our lunchbox to take away. So welcome to salad paradise! Here are some pippin examples by our Kptns!

Spring Salad with caramelized Goat Cheese

by Kptn Carolina | Gute Guete

Rice Salad with Chicken, Celery, Herbs & Hazelnuts

by Kptn Jessica | Berliner Küche

Watermelon-Feta Salad

by Kptn Dani&Michael | Flowers on my plate

Mango-Avocado-Salad with Shrimps

by Kptn Andrea | C&B with Andrea

Lukewarm Popcorn Salad

by Kptn Fabienne | Freiknuspern

Orange-Couscous-Salad with Thai Asparagus, Cumquats & Pomegranate

by Kptn Karin | Geschmacksmomente

Potato Salad

by Kptn Anna | Vegan Mom

Avocado and Orange Salad

by Kptn Jessica | Wholy Goodness

Asian Salad with Chicken and Lime-Peanut-Dressing

by Kptn Julia | Tiny Spoon

Lentil Salad with roasted Veggies

by Kptn Lisa | Soulfood