15 paleo friendly blogs to watch 2015 & their Instagram accounts

Introducing Top 15 paleo bloggers on the rise 2015!

  1. Zenbelly
    Simone has a mission to prove that gluten-free and paleo cuisine can be just as gourmet, refined, and artfully presented as what you’d find in a fine bistro. Her Paleo lifestyle was sparked when she discovered her sensitivity to gluten. Since then, she has made believers of die hard gluten eaters and encourages people to have fun creating simple, delicious, healthy food.

    The most favorite recipe: Crispy Chicken thighs with spicy peaches

  2. A Girl Worth Saving
    Kelly wants to educate the world about what can be eaten on the Paleo diet. Her recipes help cut down time in the kitchen. She knows a grain-free lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to give up the treats you love. Her drastic health improvements motivate her readers to join her on this life changing journey.

    The most favorite recipe: Spicy Tilapia Baja Tacos with Lime Slaw and Avocado Cilantro Sauce

    My favorite thing about this dessert pizza is the sweet crunchy pomegrates. Link in profile

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  3. The Domestic Man
    Russ wants to pass down the very important tradition of how people gather around food. His recipes focus on classic, traditional, international dishes from historical, linguistic, and cultural perspective. He finds dishes from the past that are naturally tasty and nutritious to incorporate into his blog.

    The most favorite recipe: Pad Priew Wan Goong

  4. Cindy’s Table
    Cindy developed her love for cooking in her Nana’s Italian kitchen. Cindy has been a healthy individual her entire life and this comes across in her delicious recipes. She loves to entertain and share her tips with her followers. She believes in creating family memories in the kitchen that will last a lifetime! She just came out with a delicious new cookbook called “Paleo Italian Cooking”!

    The most favorite recipe: Eggplant and Bean Pomodoro with Spaghetti Squash

    #paleo OMG new #recipe coming to the blog #cindystable Thai calamari www.CindysTable.com #cindystable #everydaytogourmet

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  5. The Healthy GF Life
    Tammy has a strong passion for health and wellness and uses her knowledge to help her family over come health issues such as celiac disease, multiple food intolerances, eczema and ADD. She lives the Paleo/Primal lifestyle and is always gluten free. Her blog shows how she loves to share, create, mess-up and learn.

    The most favorite recipe: Prosciutto Olive Sundried Tomato Turkey Burkers

  6. Paleo Dish
    Cindy is located in the Greater Toronto area and adores all things involving fitness, food and nutrition. She has a laid-back approach to eat “really real” (nutrient dense). She has a multi-faceted approach that focuses on returning to the simpler days of living. Cindy lives a relaxed Paleo lifestyle.

    The most favorite recipe: Bacon Crusted Chicken Strips

  7. Predominantly Paleo 
    Jennifer believes in the power of food and its ability to heal. For her, the standard American diet caused health problems for her body and she has since been on a quest for natural healing. She has gone from being gluten free, to grain free and dairy free.

    The most favorite recipe: Paleo Sweet + Sour Chicken

  8. Bravo for Paleo
    Monica’s Paleo lifestyle was instigated by her father’s health diagnosis. She believes in a diet filled with food we were meant to eat, real whole foods. Paleo has helped her maintain a healthy lifestyle and she pushes her readers to discover what food is best for each individual.

    The most favorite recipe: Paleo Pork Wrap with Tomato Feta and Spinach

    twice baked sweet potatoes with blueberries and pecans

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  9. Lexi’s Clean Kitchen
    Lexi loves creating recipes that you can find success with in your own kitchen. She loves living a healthy lifestyle and works on improving her lifestyle together with her readers. She creates gluten free, dairy-free, refined sugar free, soy free and Paleo-friendly recipes on her blog.

    The most favorite recipe: Grab-and-Go French Toast Cups

    Workin’ this morning on some goooood good things 😋

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  10. Paleo Spirit
    Lea believes the path to physical and spiritual renewal can be found through a thoughtful exploration of a simpler, more fulfilling lifestyle. She has embraced the ideal of pursuing health and fulfillment through simple, time-tested strategies. At first Paleo started as a diet but now it has become much more!

    The most favorite recipe: Paleo Buffalo Chicken Nugets

  11. The Paleo Chef
    Mary struggled with health issues throughout her life and once she realized she was celiac, she started learning about what to eat and the affects it has on the human body. Now, she is thriving after healing herself through food and lifestyle changes and shares her findings on her blog. To quote her “Eat Clean. Play Often. Crush Life”.

    The most favorite recipe: Coconut Butter Salmon

  12. Popular Paleo
    Ciarra is a food lover and wannabe yogi. She learnt how to cook watching the Food Network and has been Paleo since 2012. She has been in a life-long pursuit of nutritional truths and a practice of whole-health nourishment. She posts all her recipes and health learnings on her blog.

    The most favorite recipe: Paleo Tex-Mex Casserole

  13. Plaid and Paleo
    Vanessa used to live a very anti-Paleo diet but now she can’t imagine living any other type of life. She posts new recipes along with healthy living tips and all natural remedies. On her blog you will find her creations of her favorite dishes “Paleo-style”.

    The most favorite recipe: One-Pot Paleo Cauliflower Pork Fried Rice

  14. Paleo Newbie
    Trina was hesitant when started the Paleo diet due to her Italian background. Not only did she survive, but she thrived! She continues to call herself Paleo Newbie because she believes there is always something to learn about Paleo. She is committed to helping people especially in the kitchen transition into a Paleo diet.

    The most favorite recipe: Lemon Poppy Seed Pancakes

  15. Healthful Pursuit
    Leanne is a passionate Holistic Nutritionist that wants to help individuals love themselves. Her goal is the help people do away with feeling overwhelmed and controlled by food by giving them the tools needed to inject life with happiness and healthfulness. She is sharing her experiences on her blog to help people!

    The most favorite recipe: Caramel Apple Cupcakes