KptnCook adds Trader Joe’s to Your Shopping List


Hey Kptns! Last week we snuck in a surprise for you – did you see it? We added a new grocery store to the growing list of retailers in the app. Kicking it off with one of America’s favorite stores, Trader Joe’s!

Say for example you’re sitting at your desk and your tummy starts grumbling wondering what’s for dinner. You start flipping through the day’s recipes on KptnCook for some cooking inspiration and you tap on the recipe that hits the spot. You’ll then see each recipe is matched with a shopping list of products and prices from Whole Foods, Safeway and now, Trader Joe’s. It’s a handy feature that gives you the cost of each ingredient, the brand name (if applicable) and how much you’ll need of it based on how many servings you’re making the recipe for. So if Trader Joe’s is nearest to your office, you know before you get there what you need to buy, and how much it will all be. Convenience to a tee, hey?!


Behind the scenes, your KptnCook team is also working on securing online grocery delivery services in the U.S. adding an extra layer of convenience to help you get cooking and eating even sooner. Stay tuned!

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Happy Cooking!


the KptnCook crew