Take a look at our biggest update yet!

app update

Ahoy there, me hearties! Today is a special day for us, we are officially launching in the United States with our biggest update yet! We love cooking (obviously!), and we have lots of fun creating and testing the recipes. At the same time, we take it pretty seriously too. Inspiring you to get in the kitchen, and helping you decide what to cook for dinner is our mission so we’re always working on ways to make your next cooking adventure memorable and delicious. The KptnCook you’re seeing today makes cooking even easier thanks to lots of testings and your ongoing feedback. The major improvements include: KptnCookApp_Update_Screen1 Step-by-Step Cooking Instructions can now be viewed in portrait and landscape mode and we’ve added the quantity of ingredients you need below each picture!   KptnCookApp_Update_Screen2 Grocery shopping becomes more convenient with a well-structured shopping list and a sleek new swipe bar for grocery stores. KptnCookApp_Update_Screen3 Getting dinner on the table is quicker with the new Let’s Start Cooking button that takes you directly to the Step-by-Step Cooking Instructions. The food bloggers and Recipe Kptns we collaborate with are our heroes. To make this loud and clear, profiles of the bloggers feature front and centre on each recipe connecting you with the person behind the dish and a community of passionate foodies.

Deniz in the KptnCook kitchen
In the kitchen with Kptn Deniz from Fructopia blog

Speaking of spicing things up in the kitchen, the Heart button is bigger and has been placed right where you need it most to make it easier for you to save the recipes you love. KptnCookApp_Update_Screen4 KptnCook looks new, but one thing stays the same: you can expect three new recipes every day! We have been working with new food bloggers from around the world and engaged with more in-house Recipe Kptns to cook up recipes you’ll love. From today on, you’ll discover fresh new recipes for all tastes and budgets every day.

KptnCook is fun and easy to use. Download the free app on the App Store, flick through the recipes of the day, shop the ingredients at your local grocery, and you’re ready to cook! Follow the step-by-step photo method and in just 30 minutes you’ll be tucking into some seriously tasty grub! Sign up to our newsletter for more delicious news, kitchen tips and food hacks. 

Happy Cooking!

Love, the KptnCook crew